Thai Bodywork

Keeping your body's vital life energy flow balanced is an aspect Thai medical theory focuses on. Such life energy is typically referred to as Sen and supports all the physical, mental, and emotional processes of the body. When Sen is imbalanced or has blockages, it can lead to disease and cause pain. On the other hand, if your body's life energy distribution is even and balanced, you will feel better. From feeling happy and energetic to more relaxed and free of stiffness, keeping your sen properly balanced is an important aspect of maintaining health and comfort in your life.

That is why why recommend Thai bodywork to help ensure you maintain your life energy balance and keep . Thai bodywork focuses on pressing your muscles and applies pressure on the primary Sen channels within your body to make it more receptive to continued flow. Tense muscles can cause restricted movement and present an overall blockage to your Sen energy flow. Whether you have overworked your muscles or you have emotional tension as an underlying reason, muscles that shorten due to the stress introduces stiffness, pain, or aches to individuals. With shortened muscles, individuals may feel neck pain, back pain, headaches, and more due to the stress it causes on your spine. Thai bodywork assists in enabling your body to achieve the maximum comfort through stretching all your body muscles systematically and ease that stiffness away.

Thai bodywork focuses on muscles and the musculo-skeletal system, as many aging and chronic pains can be attributed to contracted muscles. All voluntary body movement relies on muscles, which is why the professional Thai bodywork targets all the muscles throughout your body. It aims to stretch every accessible muscle and move principal joints to release tension and provide ease of flow to all the energy channels. Touch can be one of the greatest medicines for the body. Based on the perspective of Western medicine, such manipulation can easily stimulate the flow of blood and tissue fluid, as well as improve flexibility. Thai bodywork involves different forms of touch that include pressing, stretch, and twisting, to promote relaxation, flexibility, and relief of pain for aging pains. By providing healing through trained and honed Thai bodywork skills, our specialists can help promote a general wholeness both internal and external. We are here to help your personal well-being by promoting maximum relaxation of your muscles and ensure smooth life energy throughout your whole body.

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